# About the Project I am an experimental artist and researcher in Diaristic, Atmospheric, and Spatial arts. You can see my works at [moonilsun.com](http://moonilsun.com/) and can find what it means by "diaristic" [here](https://www.bstjournal.com/article/id/11218/). All of my notes from personal readings and writings follow the method of Zettelkasten, which is a notetaking system with several variations that involves creating individual notes for each idea or concept that you want to remember and then linking these notes together as a way of building a larger web of knowledge. While there are many variations of the Zettelkasten method out there, I've developed my own system that works best for me. For instance, I use long notes with a linking system that might contradict Zettelkasten’s short note-taking method or no acronyms but with full terms and extra details. In this way, my notes are not just isolated bits of information but rather contain the full context of history and conceptualisation, creating a dynamic network of ideas that can be easily explored and expanded upon. You can find me on [Mastodon](https://pub.eeruwang.me/@eeruwang) and Bluesky (for now). Feel free to send me messages in Korean or English to my [email](mailto:[email protected]). ## Bio Il Sun Moon is a PhD candidate and moving image artist. Throughout her academic experience in communication design in China, Japan, and the UK, she developed the diagrammatic practice in the moving image. Her projects examine the notion of montage in a multi-frame through the lens of Gilles Deleuze's diagram, challenging the conventional structure of time and spatial qualities in the moving image and producing a synthesising body of work between research, moving image practice, and personal experience.